Health problems of being overweight

Obesity is one of the major problems has more than 35% of the people in India. Most of the people think that excess weight affects the appearance of the person. Apart from appearance obesity is one of the major reasons for numerous health-related problems. In this article, you may know the problem regarding the excessive weight.

Health problems

Most of us know that obesity is one of the important reasons for diabetes problem. The fat cell which is present in the blood affects the insulin. The main work of the insulin is to carries sugar from blood cells. The excessive fat affects the insulin so the blood sugar cannot be taken by cells.

High Blood Pressure
When your heart beats it pumps the blood to the rest of your body. High blood pressure is connected to excessive weight. Excess fat damage your kidney which helps to regulate blood pressure.

Heart Disease
Fat cells make the blood vessels narrow and hard. So it is difficult for the blood vessels to carry blood to the heart and other parts of the body. The people may suffer from the problems like heart attack, chest pain and sudden cardiac death.

How to lose weight
Weight loss is the biggest challenge for the people. In India, people may try various methods such as weight loss supplements, exercise and so on to lose their weight.

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