Privacy Policy

We, at stand by our commitments of privacy of our viewers. We understand the importance of your privacy and take utmost care while handling the data of our customers as and how it comes to us. The data collected by us, is not shared for any commercial purpose and not disclosed to anyone. The Personal data collected when you access our site, is though used to make our services more effective, and utilized to ensure our site is user friendly. When you access our site it is taken as your consent and in such cases you will abide by the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

There are pages on our web site, which when accessed will ask you to share your personal information. This personal information is used to contact you and is taken as your identification or validation points. You are also informed that the personal information may be beyond just your name and age.

Data from Browser

We at declare that the data received from your browser, like the ‘Internet Protocol’ address of the computer you accessed our site with. Many other data like time of access of our site, duration of stay on site, various pages visited by you on our site or the kind of browser used is been collected by us through “log data” shared by your browser. We may also use other such sources like-Google Analytics, to collect, evaluate, and constantly analyze such data.

Getting in Touch With You

We can use the personal information thus collected to contact you. The mode of communication can be – newsletters, e-mails, promotional materials, or any other such marketing tools.

Use of Cookies

We at use cookies to gather information. Cookies are sent by websites to browsers to collect information of the user. We use them to collect data, but you have the choice of asking your browser to block any cookies. While you block cookies, there are chances that you may not be in a position to access some informative data on our website.

Cyber security

Though we keep your personal information with complete safety, you must agree that use on internet, and electronic gadgets make them susceptible to cyber theft. Hence, the loss or theft of any personal information by any such means is not our responsibility and we should not be held liable for the same.

Modification of Policy

Though we issue intimation to our customers, on any change or modification of Privacy Policy, by e-mails or by public notice on our website we at reserve the rights of doing so with us.

You are required to periodically check if you are our existing customer for any privacy change. If you are new to our website, check the privacy policy before using any of our pages. Once you use our website, it will be taken as your consent or acknowledgement of terms and conditions of Privacy Policy. Your continuous uses of the website after any modification will also the taken as your consent.