Light up dog collars

When it is dark outside, especially in winter, going for a walk with your four-legged furry friend becomes increasingly dangerous because of bad visibility and possible bad weather. To make sure you and your dog are clearly visible to other road users in the dark, you might consider reflective and light up dog accessories, like a light up dog collar or a reflective leash.

Trixie Flash light ring

There are different kinds of light up dog collars you can buy. The simplest and cheapest option is a Trixie flash light ring, which comes in various flashy neon colours. It is a luminous ring you can put around your dog’s neck, so they are visible in the dark. The ring is easily charged with the included USB cable. It comes in the sizes S/M and L/XL, depending on the size of your dog.

Trixie Glowing USB collar

Besides a glow up ring, there is also a Glowing USB collar. The collar works almost the same as the flash light ring, except that it comes in the sizes M/L and L/XL and you can adjust the size of the tube to the size of your dog’s neck, for a better fit. This collar also comes in different flashy colours, but it has one big advantage over the flash light ring, since you can set this collar to a constant glowing mode, as well as a flashing mode. This increases safety by making your dog stand out even more.

Night Howl safety necklace

The next collar is a bit more luxurious and therefore a bit more expensive. The Nite Ize Nighthowl Led Safety Necklace works the same as the flash light ring, but this collar is a bit thicker and more striking. It also has led light for even more visibility. This necklace comes in one size only, but you can adjust the size by cutting the tube to fit your dog neck’s circumference.

Visibility is key

Now you have found the perfect light up collar for your dog, but securing your safety does not stop there. You might want some other reflective or light up accessories for your dog as well, and you should not forget your own safety. Get yourself a coat with reflective strips, or wear a high visibility vest to make sure you go outside in the dark safely. If both you and your dog wear eye-catching accessories, you will be clearly visible to other road users so you can safely go out on your evening walk.