Pop the Champagne!

The band has sound-checked. The DJ is ready. The venue is decorated. The food and drink have been prepared. You have personally written the guest list. The security is ready and people are starting to arrive outside. The party you’ve been waiting for is ready to kick off. Anything could happen tonight!

Planning a Champagne Celebration

When planning a party, ensuring you have a great bar serving an exciting mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is essential. To be the perfect host and to kick-start any celebration, think about the types of drinks your guests will be expecting.

Will they want:

  • Cans of lager in plastic glasses?
  • Martini cocktails with olives?
  • An extensive wine list or maybe a fully stocked whiskey bar?
  • A fine selection of craft beer?
  • Sparkling wine or champagne?

It is worth being prepared and thinking carefully about how you want to present and serve your drinks. Take champagne, for example. If you’ve already bought sparkling wine and are now browsing for something to serve it in, the chances are you want to buy something a little bit special for your big day, celebration or personal indulgence.

Explore Types of Champagne Glasses

Do you regularly fork-out on champagne, prosecco or any other type of sparkling wine? Are you a fan of all types of wine, and want to ensure you have a selection of wine glasses to suit your indulgence?

Whatever the reason for your celebration, ensuring you have a high-quality collection of glasses to serve drinks in is vital to pulling off your party successfully.

Champagne flutes are an essential purchase. They are tall, slender glasses with a long or medium stem. The purpose of the stem is to allow the drinker to hold the glass by the stem, ensuring the wine stays cold for longer. How wonderful!

The Science of Champagne Flutes

An interesting characteristic of champagne flutes is the shape, which allows the all-important bubbles to last longer. A wider glass means a larger surface area which allows for more bubbles to escape. This wouldn’t be a problem except scientists have now proven that a process called ‘nucleation’ in champagne means the bubbles absorb into the stomach and bloodstream quicker, meaning you feel the effects of champagne quicker than red or white wines.

Typical champagne glasses are between seven and eight inches tall and have an opening diameter of two to three inches. With the right glasses, your party is sure to be the talk of the town.