The Best Art Subscription Boxes Every Kid Should Try

Art and craft essentials for kids help kids spend their free time in a creative way-although that’s not the only obvious benefit. The perfect art subscription box can help kids also reduce their screen time. Additionally, these kids also get to bond with their parents and they get something to look forward to every month.

For kids, art subscription boxes aren’t just as simple handicrafts, as they help them discover their creative side and unbox their imagination. These boxes contain everything the kids need to get their creative juices flowing regardless of their ages.

1. We Craft Box

Age Group: Ages 3-9

Focus: A craft project for younger children

With We Craft Boxes, you save yourself the stress that comes with planning the crafts for your kids. This art subscription takes care of everything for you from research to planning of the various crafts. Each box has essentials for the next two to three crafts that are combined in a story.

There are photos attached to the instructions, making it convenient for the kids to follow. The best part is that two children can share one We Craft Box. Subscribers can choose the different timelines they want although there are single boxes available.

2. Craft + Boogie

Age Range: 3-8 years old

Focus: Kids’ crafts

Craft + Boogie provides kids with three to four craft essentials with different themes monthly or around holidays. Each box contains decoration, a family game, a Spotify playlist, snack recipes, and information regarding the theme of that holiday.

All proceeds made from the sale of these boxes are used to cater for the craft kits for kids’ hospitals and those in foster care. Subscribers have the option of monthly or seven months. There is also a digital subscription online which includes recipes, instructions, and information although it doesn’t come with supplies.

3. Kiwi Doodle Crate

Age Range: Recommended age is 9-16+

Focus: A craft project for older children

Kiwi Crates popularly known as Kiwico is a very popular art subscription box. These boxes have various themes customized to accommodate kids of different ages. Doodle crates focus on projects like handmade soap, a faux leather portfolio, and succulent gardens.

Doodle crate projects help older kids to introduce themselves to new crafting materials and the different supplies that the box contains. Subscribers get to choose options of different timelines from a monthly subscription to up to twelve months.

4. Stickii

This monthly subscription box is perfect for children that love stationery and stickers. In each box, there are cute stickers and stationery in different styles such as pop, retro or cute. Every month has a new exciting theme. These stickers can be used to decorate envelopes, journals, and cards or one may just collect them for fun.


Get the art subscriptions delivered at your doorstep and keep your kids’ imaginative side wild. With these boxes, they will be able to create beautiful art pieces on their own as these boxes come with instructions. Get their artistic journey started now!